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Summary of This Month's Charges as of March 17, 2005*
  Usage Charges Due April 1, 2005
(Based on web service usage through March 17, 2005)
Rate   Usage     Totals    
  Alexa Web Information Service                  
  View/Edit Service First 10,000 requests per month are free    10,000 Requests      0.00    
  $0.00015 for each additional request    23,200 Requests      3.48    
      Usage Report          

  Amazon E-Commerce Service             
  View/Edit Service FREE   98,670 Requests     0.00    
      Usage Report          

  Simple Queue Service (Beta)            
  View/Edit Service FREE   5,678 Requests     0.00    
      Usage Report          

  Subscription Charges Due April 1, 2005 Charge Description          
  Amazon Historical Item Pricing Service                 
  View/Edit Service Monthly Subscription for April     70.00    
        Usage Report          

  Subtotal for April 1, 2005           $73.48    

  Estimated Taxes              
  Taxes     0.00    

Charges Due on April 1, 2005 *   $73.48    

* All charges for this billing cycle will be charged to your credit card on your next billing date, April 1, 2005. These charges include 1) next billing cycle's subscription charges due on the next billing date and 2) usage charges from the current billing cycle. Not included in the charges displayed here are any additional usage charges you will accrue this billing cycle. The current billing cycle starts March 1, 2005 and ends March 31, 2005 GMT.

All web services are sold by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Summary of Last Month's Statement: March 1, 2005
 Total Charges for February 1 - February 28, 2005 $1.03   
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