RepairPal: Redesigning a car repair experience.

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Above: Home page before and after designs.
Detail of my Home Page Design

RepairPal is an online destination for car owners with nearly 2 million visitors a month. RepairPal uses a combination of social tools like Q&A and shop ratings with features that support car ownership. (Think Yelp for auto repair mixed with Quora and Quicken). In 2011 I worked closely with the RepairPal team to rapidly redesign the way RepairPal worked, it's visual style and repositioned the product from a site centered around a repair estimation tool for car enthusiasts to an online destination for all car owners. The final design increased registrations by +50% and user engagement by +200%

I collaborated with the director of product and the engineering team to architect a new site information architecture and product flows. User centered design processes played a huge part in this project, we utilized round table discussions, paper prototype usability tests and extensive AB testing.

My primary deliverables were wireframes, but I also provided visual designs when needed.

I contributed to the following projects and features:

♦Solution Finder
♦Overall Site IA
♦Home Page Redesign
♦SEO Page Redesign
♦MyCar Personalized repair history section

Project: RepairPal (
Challenge: Re imagine and transform the experience from site centered around car enthusiasts to a high value resource for the general consumer.
Skills Used: UX Consulting, facilitation and guidance. Information Architecture, Usability, Some Visual Design
(SemiBig was used for the primary visual design.)

Example Document: PDF of the RepairPal Site Global Redesign wire frames

Below: Card sorting exercises with the RepairPal Team

Below: Focus Groups helped us understand the needs of the Persona
focus group

Below: Wireframes were provided for every page, flow and variation
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