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Amazon Web Services developers' portal

My last position in Seattle was Senior User Interface Designer for the Amazon Web Services developers' portal. I defined the site look and feel, information architecture, work flow design and the visual display of content. I was the sole UI designer of this project and my primary deliverables were HTML mock ups-defining the site functionality, navigation and interaction models that were used to demonstrate the scope and execution of the project to internal stakeholders. I created working examples of CSS, HTML and JavaScript as required by the project. I worked with Usability to refine the user interface through user tests, heuristic evaluations and frequent reviews. Use cases included creating and managing accounts, researching web services, subscribing to web services and a full featured community site.

Project: Amazon Web Services Developers' Portal
Challenge: Add functionality to the Amazon Web Services site that was live at the time and enable the customer to find web services, subscribe to web services and to manage an Amazon Web Services account.
Skills Used: Visual Design, Interaction Design, Information Design, HTML.
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Amazon Web Services Statement

Amazon Web Services Usage Report

Moving from free to paid
At first Amazon Web Services were offered for free. One of the challnges was to create a billing system that was transparent enough to satisfy sceptical and detail minded developers as Amazon began to charge for this service.